Week 11: Cosy Cocoon

We are moving! End of March we’ll be moving to our new cocoon. The baby is growing well and we made the big test. The boy is happy, learning to walk and taking his first steps? Me, I am rejoicing and needing some cosy time.

Cosy Cocoon

Week 11: The baby is now the size of a ball of wool

Well, according to some sites it’s the size of a golf ball, according to others, it’s a ping pong ball, and according to others… anyway, I just thought I would use a ball of something cosy and warm. Which is just what I am needing at the moment. 

It has been quite an exciting week! 

The pregnancy is going well and we had a new appointment with the doctor. We saw the baby, growing well and strong. Very quiet at first, but then moving around and opening his or her mouth. It was magic.


We also made the Harmony test, just like during the first pregnancy. It will allow us to know if the baby has any genetic issues with specific chromosomes and we’ll get to know if it’s a boy or a girl.  In reality, the test is quite simple: just a blood sample where they separate the DNA of the baby from the DNA of the mom and then look into it. While it looks like science fiction, it is rather accurate and we’ll get to know the results next week. 

Not so Cosy

Unfortunately, it seems like I will have Gestation Diabetes again. To put it shortly: it is not the worse thing to have, but it’s annoying, restrictive and very tiring. There was a high chance of this happening but I was still a bit hopeful. The unpleasant task of testing my blood several times a day has restarted, with mixed results. For someone who really doesn’t like needles, I just wish this would go away. Let’s see what happens with the Iron and other issues that, coincidentally, all tend to make you tired. Fingers crossed. 

A new cocoon

In the meantime, the symptoms persist, although fortunately a bit milder. The main issue not, apart from constant nausea, is the difficulty sleeping. Now that the first baby is sleeping so well at night, it would be great to catch up on sleep before the new one comes. So, I am really hoping to be able to be able to recharge some energies during the next few months.

That will be interesting, given that we are also moving to our new home. There’s the whole logistics of moving out and moving in but also making sure the baby gets a smooth transition. On top of that, this will be our new home and it will be important to spend some time nesting and making sure it feels right. In the end, this will be our family cocoon, a safe harbour, a place of joy, rest and union. Such a special place deserves special attention.

It’s been really cold and with all the tiredness and excitement, I just want to cuddle and warm up quietly. Blanket and sofa, please! The weekend is coming, and I am really looking forward to some nice family time, cosy and warm.