Middle life crisis or not, it’s time to reinvent myself and change things upside down.


I’ve been working for 10 years in the corporate world for a big technology company. I´ve studied hard, took an MBA, travelled the world and worked in 4 different countries. Things are jamming and the path is clear. Except that I don’t want this anymore.

Therefore, I took three months off from work to rest – but life slapped me in the face instead and now I sort of have an idea. Sort of. Kids, family, helping others physically and emotionally.

This space is to register this adventure. I don’t really know how this site is going to work, yet: Should it be kind of a journal? Reporting? Classic Venting? Will it be shared, for no one or for my future self?

We’ll see.

For now, I’m heading off to my first class of a Coaching certification I’m taking. It’s focused on Perspectives, and it’s a better way to start as I’m stepping into this whole new and unknown territory.

Especially relevant: am I feeling vertigo, panic or just good old excitement?!

If you are facing tough situations like these at work, coaching might help you find the best way to approach it. I would love to help you so if you are interested, visit me at Coaching for Me or just email me at hello@coachingfor.me
If you are a manager and want to make sure you bring your teams to their best, visit me at Coaching for Work for coaching, team initiatives and Professional Assessments. You can also just email me at hello@coachingfor.work