Emotions Series

A thousand emotions before breakfast, if you achieve to eat at all. Welcome to motherhood and this series of stories shared with you. They will focus on each emotion and how they colour each day of being a mother of two amazing kids under two years of age. 

Motherhood – Emotions Series – Enjoyment

My heart exploded, and there were bursts of naches, happiness, love and excitement flowing everywhere.

Motherhood – Emotions Series – Fear

Fear has kept me on my toes. Love has kept me walking.

Motherhood – Emotions Series – Disgust

He, no matter how young, deserves respect and space to be himself. Let him kick.

Motherhood – Emotions Series – Sadness

You would expect that with so much happiness coming from motherhood, Sadness wouldn’t be a regular presence. But it is.

Motherhood – Emotions Series

I thought it was disappointing. If most of what we are enabled to feel is bad, how can we be truly happy?

Motherhood – Emotions Series – Anger

If Anger is energy, what can I do with it?